GREY AREA is pleased to announce the 
inaugural show in its new space in SoHo. Entitled Sound Quality, the exhibition expores the theme of music as it is represented through various artistic media. In addition to the excitement around various music festivals, the theme emerged when creative director and curator Kyle DeWoody noticed a trend of artists using music's iconic imagery and forms in the works carried by GREY AREA.

In some cases the reference might be a musician, as in Jack Pierson's text sculpture "JOAN BAEZ," in others it's familiar lyrics like Max Snow's prints "Nobody's Darlin" and "But Mine" or John Codling's painting "Cheek to Cheek." The dual meaning of the title, Sound Quality, most aptly applies to the work that has either re-imaged or repurposed the material objects that are most associated with music. Several works like Paul Villinski's "LP Birds" and Ted Riederer's "Primal Sound (London Calling)" use vinyl record as the material to create different recognizable forms--birds in Villinski's case, skulls in the case of Riederer. Jim Hodges's piece, "Untitled (Landscape I)," is a collage using sheet music. There are also works that explore iconic apparel from the world of music: Ian Campbell's project IGOR& brings gold-leafed five motorcycle jackets, a rock n roll staple: Slater Bradley and Haans Nicholas Mott have created a series of "Hate Coats," a long black coat emblazoned with the word "hate," one worn by Joy Division's Ian Curtis. Jordan Doner's video depicts girls wearing vintage rock tees while Beatles fans roars in the background. In this case the soundtrack also evokes a nostalgic response that is then recontextualized within work. Audio can guide a viewer's response to the visual as it does in the video portion of Mickalene Thomas' "Ain't I a woman (Sandra)," which describes how "a woman wouldn't be a woman," while "Sandra" sits and poses for the camera. 

In addition to artworks, the show will have a "merch" table with artist-made records and tapes, as well as artist mix CDs. For the first batch of mix CDs, we asked artists Jose Parla, Mickalene Thomas, Max Snow, Dustin Yellin, Van Neistat, and N Dash to create personal playlists with original cover art. Music taste is a very personal thing, and knowing what an artist listens to can reveal a lot about them and their work. This will be an ongoing project beyond the limits of this show in the hopes of creating a large archive of artist mixes. We also asked artist and musician Carlton DeWoody to create a GREY AREA mix. DeWoody was able to create an eclectic soundtrack filled only with songs titled "Grey," with the final song titled "Area."

To top it off, there will be several music-based performances throughout the duration of the show that explore the various genres of music. On opening day, our rock day, Peter Dayton is offering private sessions as the rocknrollshrink. Later, the new band Dirty Mirrors, featuring artsits Jon Kessler, John Miller, David Humphrey, Steve DeBenedetto, Jennifer Coates and Aura Rosenberg, will play a set, following Ted Riederer's "DRUMS & ROSES."