Thursday, March 27, 2014
Sunny, -120º (high) /-280º (low)
Frey, Hofstede campaign for Ward 3 Minneapolis City Council seat
Orchestra renovation continues in Minneapolis
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Gophers win Rose Bowl
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The construction at Orchestra Hall crowds onto South 11th Street in downtown Minneapolis — transforming the once familiar concert venue, with its blue glass façade and big blue pipes, into a confusion of white tarps, particle-board and cranes.

While the Minnesota Orchestra is at an impasse with management and musicians over a new collective bargaining agreement, the Orchestra Hall renovation is moving ahead and on pace to be done this summer.

The $50 million renovation, which started last June, is set to update and improve the performance space’s auditorium and the hall’s lobby area.

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Minneapolis begins preparations for unusual pothole season
11:11 AM
Trial of notorious gangster ends with guilty verdict
12:30 PM
The cold winter and snowfall have contributed to the problems, which could cost the city millions.
Whitey Bulger was found guilt on 31 counts and was found to have been involved in 11 murders. 
Dairy Queen giving away free Blizzards for the next month 
7:57 PM
That would be the most amazing thing ever! Except not so healthy, I guess...
Tuition at U of M goes down to pre-1970 levels
1:30 PM
I take it back, THIS would be the most amazing thing ever. 
For Major League Baseball teams, there is a window of opportunity to win a championship. Unless, of course, you’re the Pirates. Then it’s more like a knothole. Or the Yankees, who had some remodeling work done in the ’90s to have that wall removed entirely. But for the rest of the teams, there is a window of opportunity that is largely determined by the health of their minor leagues. 

The Twins window slammed shut in 2011 when their team was decimated by concussions, bi-lateral leg weakness and locusts. Any hope of it reopening last year was dashed when injuries to their starting rotation revealed just how barren the minor league system had become. And, unfortunately, it’s going to remain closed this year.

It was bound to happen. They extended that window a full decade, something usually only wealthy teams can accomplish. They also converted that window into a new outdoor home, one that is going to let the sun shine on otherwise dreary seasons.

However, last year’s problem, a starting pitching rotation that ranked as the second worst in the majors, only nominally improved. The optimist will point out that the three offseason acquisitions — Vance Worley, Kevin Correia and Mike Pelfrey — should be quite a bit better than last year’s patchwork. The cynic might suggest that the Twins acquired two fifth starters and a guy rehabbing from Tommy John surgery. Both are right.

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City Council Member Diane Hofstede and Jacob Frey, her challenger for the Third Ward council seat, squared off in a candidate forum Thursday night at DeLaSalle High School.

More than 200 people attended the event co-sponsored by the Journal and the League of Women Voters. 

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