A modern Polaroid love story
Shake it
A modern Polaroid love story

"Shake it - a modern Polaroid love story" is a hour-long public radio documentary with a storytelling companion project at Cowbird.  

Available on PRX and SoundCloud.

Can you hear it? Click, whir, wait, shake - ahhhh!  

Taking a Polaroid camera is a totally sensory experience. It is more than just the sensation of the  snapshot - there is something special and social about seeing, giving & receiving that plasticky photo that feels real, intimate, human.

Taking and sharing pics instantly is second nature these days. But what is it about that white-framed, square photo that survives in our digital lives?  Does it make moments more special? Do the vintage-y filters of Instagram make our art history?  Or our history art?  

We look at these human and visual connections in “Shake It" an hour-long public media documentary. We weave personal narrative with interviews with experts and enthusiasts in the world of art and film, Polaroid history & digital photography, technology and design.

Hear vox pop and short interviews with Polaroid photographers and enthusiasts, such as polaroidsf.com. We talk with Christopher Bonanos, author of  “Instant: The Story of Polaroid.” And with Dave Bias, who created savepolaroid.com and now is VP of The Impossible Project, a company that saved hundreds of thousands of vintage Polaroid cameras from extinction. And we sit with Gus Van Sant, film director and Polaroid photographer, to talk about how he used Polaroid photos in his creative process. 

Main site at modernpolaroidlovestory.com

Produced by 
Megan Jones and Vanessa Lowe

Available on PRX. Stations contact us for more information.

Polaroid SX-70 advertisement courtesy of The Eames Office, LLC. Concluding statement by Philip Morrison. Music Director and Composer Elmer Bernstein. Copyright Eames Office, LLC (eamesoffice.com) 

"Look at this Instagram" (a Nickelback parody) courtesy of collegehumor.com
Online storytelling project courtesy of Cowbird

With gratitude to the artists for use of their music:

Call and Response - Lightbulb, Nightflight, Rollerskate, Colors, and Blowin' Bubbles

Bart Davenport- Terri's Song and Beg, Steal, Borrow

Austin Willacy - Where Were You?

Alexis Harte - We Fall Out

Kent Sparling - Taiga, No Decision, You Can Take Your Hat Off, Held Under, A Quiet Good Humored Delight

Vanessa Lowe - All Those Stars (instrumental)

Dogpatch - I Left My Heart in San Francisco (cover)

Special thanks to Claire Schoen and Dmae Roberts for editorial consulting

Roger Linn, voice of Edwin Land

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