explores the world of Jersey girl Katie Meyler who sold her ovum to fund her life's work, getting Liberian girls off the streets and into school. Couch surfing around the world spreading her message of education and compassion, Katie is the face of a new wave of DIY charity. Largely funded by social media and charity competitions, in 2013 she hits the jackpot, winning one million dollars on national television to open a school for the girls.  

Selling Tomorrow to Save Today
From the richest to the poorest people on earth this is an exploration of 21st century altruism 
 specializes in the production and distribution of high profile documentaries. KWANZA produces in high definition for major French and International broadcasters. Most of its programs are financed through international coproductions, resulting in documentaries with  universal appeal. 

After Peace Corps Service in Tonga, Holden continued to explore the world, filming and photographing with indigenous peoples on 5 continents. He has directed 5 short films with the Niu Image, the production company he founded in 2005. For the past 5 years he has apprenticed with National Geographic Photographers and award winning filmmakers, Eric Valli and Debra Kellner - assistant directing two of Kellner’s documentaries. Holden’s photographs published in Geo magazines worldwide and with several American publications. 
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