scroll kit export guide 
Deadline: October 31st, 2014

Read our shutdown post
download your code
Make sure you're logged in and go to:
Click the button next to the scroll you want to export 
You'll get a zipped file with the files for your scroll. Unzip it (usually with a double-click) and you can view the contents.
That's it for downloading! Now you have your scroll stored on your home computer. You can even open the index.html file in your browser and you'll be able to see your scroll
get your scrolls on the web
Now that you have your data, there are a lot of ways you can upload them as a website.

Some hosting options are bluehost, Laughing Squid, and We also like NeoCities, which is free up to 10MB.

If you have a Google account, it's free and easy to host your scrolls on Google Drive. We've outlined the steps below:
upload your scroll to Google Drive
1) Create a new folder in Google Drive. Name it whatever you want. 
2) Open the folder and view its details 
you may need to click this button 
3) Make the folder public 
Edit Sharing 
Change access 
Select "Public on the web" and hit Save 
4) Upload your scroll files 
Drag your scroll files onto the Google Drive window and agree to the Upload and Share confirmation
Click on the index.html file 
5) View your scroll on the web 
Click 'Open' 
Click 'Preview' 
Woot! Google Drive  opens your scroll in a new window. You can copy and paste that url to share it with anyone.