eat well, live well.
 a little rant about a big decision
The way I see it, animals aren't any different from humans. They develop communication skills, create relationships, and most of all, experience many of the same feelings as humans. Torturing and killing an animal in order to eat, when we as humans can easily survive off of a vegetable-based diet, makes no sense. And aside from that, how can you look at a cute baby cow and say to yourself, "Damn that looks delicious."

A majority of the arguments made against vegetarianism are uneducated and extremely bias (and I say this, with a hint of bias myself, as I have only heard reasons from uneducated, close-minded people).

And so, with a little rant, I'll tell you, in my opinion (while also respecting yours) why being a vegetarian is always the better choice.
your health.
You care about it, right? Then make the change. 

FACT: Eating less meat lowers your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity.

FACT: You'll have more energy! A vegetarian diet doesn't weigh you down.

the environment.
FACT: Raising cattle for beef pollutes the air more than all of the cars in the world put together.
FACT: It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of meat. It only takes 25 to produce one serving of grain.
FACT: Switching to a meat free meal saves 50% more carbon emissions than driving a Prius. (
FACT: Raising animals for food uses 30% of the world's land. 
YOU can change that.
 my favorites
 in portland.
The Sweet Hereafter:
Oh, it is so good. This is actually a vegan restaurant and bar located in SE Portland on Belmont in between 33rd and 34th, and it's my new favorite. The dim lighting, modern design, and vegan dishes are to die for. Dish of choice:  The Eastern Bowl: Yeast breaded tofu, broccoli and brown rice with a spicy ginger peanut sauce, topped with sesame seeds and the choice of adding avocado, which you should definitely do.
Herbivore Clothing:
This little shop located in NE Portland is not only cruelty free but it's pretty trendy as well. They have everything from vegan shirts, belts, cute little mason jars that say "Herbivore" on them (which I just had to buy before I left), locally crafted jewelry, and an insane amount of books, in which a couple of them are published in house. If you care at all about animals, you will shop here. Go, now.
 After all of my research, I would have to say that those two listed above are two of my new favorite places to go in Portland. There's just such a strong sense of community, and I guess I went beyond my vegetarian topic because everything that I ended up loving the most was vegan! Funny how things work out. 

In terms of the project that this is for, my eyes have officially been opened up to new things. I'm starting to lean more towards becoming vegan, which would be extremely hard, but the things that I learned from the great people that I met are things that are influencing me to change my mind, and make that switch.

so give it a shot. 
There will literally be no harm done. And if you change your mind, at least you have the experience, and at least you gave it a shot.

Thank you,