Analog Storyteller
With a degree in biology, I started 
my storytelling career as a naturalist 
for the Yosemite Institute. I used performance trail talk with the best hand-waving cut-aways ever!
After Yosemite, I attended the UCSC Science Communication graduate program. A big fan of multimedia from early on, I free-lanced as a writer and photographer. It wasn’t a huge leap then when filmmaking captivated me. I attended film school (nope, didn't graduate). But with Final Cut Pro and a Canon XL-1, I officially became a:
Digital Storyteller 
It’s funny how people call this new media. Filmmaking, photography and writing, certainly aren't new. What’s new is the platform of the web, the place to tell our stories. It’s a place where we can mix our media, letting each do what it does best. It’s rich, multidimensional. It can be interactive. And new, interesting tools are constantly being developed.  I love to keep abreast with the advancing technology of storytelling, be it cameras, stabilization, software or other web tools for interactivity, web design, and live streaming. But I also remind myself, a cool story is still a cool story. Penguins in Antarctica anyone? That's me in red.     

I’ve been a long-time fan of Schoolhouse Rock educational music videos. Recently, I started writing and producing my own educational music videos. Music is such a powerful medium. If it’s catchy, it’s memorable. I find it’s often a more successful way of sharing a story, yes a science story. It has the potential of reaching more people than a straight educational science video, though, those can be pretty awesome too. I want to make more science music videos!

I’ve traveled far for my stories, including to Greenland and Antarctica for the Exploratorium science museum in San Francisco. I’ve been at sea for two months on the JOIDES Resolution, a 475’ research drill ship, to produce video for from-the-field education and outreach. I’ve worked on the Education and Outreach Team on two research cruises aboard the R/V Atlantis working with classroom teachers and scientists aboard studying the sub-seafloor. 

Closer to home, I’ve been a multimedia/video producer for the Kids Science Challenge, for National Geographic's Crittercam, and for museum exhibits on science, nature, history and culture, for museums including the African American Museum and Library of Oakland, Yosemite Valley Visitors Center, the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, the Petersburg Marine Mammal Center, and the Monterey County Agricultural and Rural Life Museum.